Director Message

Universal Group came into being more than half a century ago, starting with a modest law book store in the heart of Delhi. Gradually, riding on the passion to disseminate legal wisdom, the Group entered into law publishing. Universal Group has been in the service of legal profession for over 60 years.

Good lawyers have always been scarce. God makes a few of them and fewer are trained well enough to work at their best. The entrance test conducted by the leading law schools in the country are, therefore, designed to separate wheat from the chaff so as to ensure that those who are trained to be lawyers were born for the courtroom. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple because a well-prepared student might actually get a preference over a genuine legal talent. That is why it is important that the competition is fair and the talent does not fail solely on account of inadequate preparation.

Universal Institute of Legal Studies being the Zenith institute for law related examinations is an established name on which thousands of aspirants have faith to help them begin a life in the coveted legal profession.

UILS has firmly believed all through that if the roots are taken care of diligently enough, one need not worry about the tree or the fruits. Therefore, the UILS puts in considerable efforts in preparing the students to take entrance exams conducted for LL.B. admissions. The entrance exams are not there simply to judge the legal aptitude but are also part of the elimination process designed to allow only the serious kind to see the insides of a law school. These entrance examinations are getting tougher and more competitive by each passing day, and, therefore, need to be taken very seriously. UILS helps the aspirants with the entrance examination for the admission to 5 year LL.B. course as well as to the 3-years course.