Law As A Career

With the rapid growth of trade and industry in the era of globalised liberalisation, increasing use of internet, e-commerce and convergence of technologies in the near future, new vistas of opportunities in all professional fields, including law have been heralded.

Legal profession is no more a mere “court affair”. Today the legal profession is one of the growing and lucrative professions all over the world. Demand for bright law graduates continues to be on the rise. Career in law offers exciting opportunities as an Advocate, Solicitor, Consultant, Academician, Researcher, Author, Social Worker, Court Reporter, Legal Editor, Political and Business Correspondent or Analyst in print, audio-visual and cyber media, Legal or Personnel Manager/Executive in Multinational Companies or Government Service, Banker, Arbitrator, Judge, Advocate-General department in Defence Forces, Police Service, Criminologist, Politics, LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) apart from much coveted and the prestigious Judiciary.

However, in a highly competitive job market or professional turf, the truth is that one has to explore a bit before taking the plunge, even in the field of law. Although, legal profession is both adventurous as well as exciting, there is absolutely no place for complacency and resting on one's laurels. Mantra for survival in the profession is to keep in pace with latest developments to ensure that one stay's ahead of other contemporaries.

Law is an ongoing and continuing process, an orderly arrangement which morphoses with time. The fast evolving concept of law affects the daily lives of people, services and business, thereby encompassing all facets of human life in a civilised State. All day-to-day matters, howsoever, complicated or complex, may have to be addressed, which necessitate a legal approach, understanding of legal procedures and interpretation of rules of law. Each State frames certain laws, rules and regulations for its citizens to stop the detrimental effect of actions of one or more individuals, in the interest of their fellow beings. Under the law of the land, one can seek legal remedies when his legitimate interests and rights are being harmed either by an individual or by the State authorities. The parties to the dispute engage professionals to defend their interest by interpreting the legal provisions in their interest. This breed of professionals who analyse and interpret law properly are termed as lawyers, pleaders, attorneys and advocates. A good lawyer not only keeps himself abreast with changes in the law but also with the applications and implications of those changes.

Entry into Legal Profession

There are more than 900 Law Colleges in India but it is of utmost importance that one steps into a reputed Law School for proper grooming. In India there are two types of LL.B. – 3 years course and 5 years course. One can join the 3 years LL.B. course after graduation whereas it is 5 years after 12th std.

In the recent past 5 years LL.B. degree has gained a lot of importance because more serious students are entering the legal education stream straight after school.

Few 5 years Law schools are: