Students' feedback on UILS preparation for the Law Entrance 2015

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“It's rightly said that, 'Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.'
When I put forth my first step at UILS I had minds to inspire and hands to help. The faculty was brilliant and there wasn't a day when I didn't thank God for writing this chapter in my life. My destination was a good law college and UILS was a part of this journey. Every bit spent here made me learn something new. I want to thank all the brilliant teachers.
Time spent here is worth cherishing!”

Saumya Agarwal
NLIU, Bhopal

“I sincerely thank all the teachers at Universal for making this day real for me. Your guidance and motivation to love law has made me touch this milestone today.”

Sadhvi Chhabra
NLU, Jodhpur

“Teachers were always helpful and gave ample opportunity for discussion and doubts. Syllabus was covered extensively and intelligently. Overall, it helped me a lot.”

Dhruv Raman Singh
RMLNLU, Lucknow, GGSIPU (Main Campus)

“When my journey began at UILS, I was really scared to attend my classes but as soon as I did it was really fun. Although I have five judges at my place, still I got the inspiration from the teachers at UILS; they actually taught me to live for your dreams. Choosing a profession as law was difficult but definitely not a wrong decision. Thank you so much UILS for such a great experience. It is rightly said: sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.”

Ayushi Goyal

“When I joined UILS, I hoped that I joined the right institute. I studied UILS notes and I found them to be a complete success package that helped me to clear BHU and DU LLB Entrance Exams with flying colours. Thanks to UILS, I am now a proud student of CLC, DU.”

Dr. Subhash Vijayran
CLC, Delhi University, Faculty of Law, BHU

“Teachers are those who help find strengths, drive away tears, overpower demons and conquer fears”. I am very thankful to the entire faculty of UILS who constantly helped me to achieve my future endeavours. It was under the constant guidance of UILS faculty members that I achieved this feat; without their tutelage it would not have been possible. They instilled in me a sense of confidence and hard work.”

Arpit Tyagi
CLC, Delhi University

“To reach the destination, correct path has to be followed and for the aspirants of law, Universal (UILS) is the correct path. A place where one gets proper guidance and best study material. The 4 hours classes never felt like a burden because of such interactive teachers who made preparation a fun activity. The elaborated explanation of the concepts with real life examples provided by the faculty here is what makes the understanding easy. To join UILS was definitely the best choice. I must thank everyone at Universal who made it possible for me to crack DU LL.B entrance.”

Pujit Kamal
CLC, Delhi University

“My experience at UILS has turned out to be really beneficial for me. The way this institute has moulded me and helped me reach closer in achieving my goals is commendable. I would like to thank each and every teacher associated with UILS from the bottom of my heart.”

Priyal Agarwal
GGSIPU (Amity Law School)

“The best advice I ever got was to join UILS as it opened every gate to sure shot success for me with its unique study material and A1 teaching faculty. With my hard work and UILS’s guidance, I’ve been able to get AIR 73 and admission to one of the most prestigious colleges Campus Law Centre (DU).
Thank you UILS!”

Gaurav Verma
CLC, Delhi University

“The experience at UILS has been amazing. The journey has been full of hardships and challenging times. The experienced, sincere faculty members have helped me in achieving my dream law school.”

Manas Maheshwari
Faculty of Law, BHU (Rank-1), Symbiosis Law School, Pune

“Experience at UILS was awesome! The faculty was marvellous. Every teacher has taught very well. Many questions were cut shot in exams. At last the experience was very pleasant, awesome, and delightful.”

Prithvi Raja Sahib
GGSIPU (Main Campus)

“My experience with UILS was really good; UILS offers excellent faculty and learning facilities; it was learning made fun. My journey with UILS came to an end but the memories will last forever.”

Bhumika Gupta
GGSIPU (Amity Law School)

“My experience at UILS has been very good. The faculty and the study material provided are exceptional. If you want to go to a premier law school, this is the place to go.”

Karan Malhotra
GGSIPU (Amity Law School)

“It was really enriching experience. Each teacher was exceptionally well in their field. Help was readily available from all teachers at all points of time. The material provided was also creditable.”

Riya Gupta
GGSIPU (Amity Law School)

“My experience at UILS was great. It provided me necessary study material which enhanced my knowledge and helped me to score this much. I am thankful to the wonderful faculty.”

Ishita Jindal
Law Faculty, Delhi University


“I am writing this to thank all my UILS teachers. It was a lovely experience to be a part of the class.”

CLC, Delhi University


“My time at UILS proved to be very helpful and informative for me. The daily and weekly information updates both on General Knowledge and Legal Knowledge were very precise and covered a large arena of facts. The mock tests themselves were very helpful in the way they presented all the different types of questions.”

Anmol Mittal, NALSAR Hyderabad


“Studying at UILS was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Caring faculty and the excellent study material along with enormous number of real time mock tests that UILS provides are key to cracking the CLAT and other law entrance exams. Atmosphere at UILS classrooms was both educating and enriching. Teachers were always willing to help me and they helped me throughout my journey. If I can do it with the help of UILS then anyone can.”

Rohit Dhalaria
NUJS Kolkata, GGSIPU, Symbiosis

“Presently I am studying in National Law University Jodhpur and I would like to give credit for it to UILS. It was not merely a CLAT preparation coaching; it was more about knowledge, it was about learning and not just competing. Teachers there were more like mentors who were ready to help in every possible way so that we students could step on the stones we wanted to. I am very glad I chose to prepare through UILS and I would thank all the teachers there for helping me reach where I am.”

Vartika Sharma
NLU Jodhpur, GGSIPU, Symbiosis

“UILS made my dreams come true. The comprehensive course material along with the experienced faculty went a long way in helping me achieve my goal. Also the number of mock tests ensured that I was not left dumbfounded on the day of the exam. A big thank you to the entire UILS team.”

Siddhant Nair
NLU Jodhpur, Symbiosis

“I thank the Universal Institute for the much needed help and guidance, which helped me secure a place in NLU Jodhpur. They helped me in boosting my confidence, which was most important.”

Prateek Mahla
NLU, Jodhpur

“I had literally no idea what to do after 12th when I joined the crash course at UILS. And even within those 20 short days I learned so many things and developed my interest in law. I loved Logical Reasoning and Maths classes the most. I worked hard for myself, and so did UILS.”

Jayati Gupta

“It was an excellent experience. Faculty team was exceptionally supportive, the syllabus covered as per requirement and the tests were very similar to the real entrance exams.”

Aastha Saumya
NUSRL Ranchi, GGSIPU, Symbiosis

“I had a fantastic time learning the basics of the legal profession at UILS. While all the teachers were very helpful and supportive, the environment was itself encouraging and allowed me the unhindered space to ask questions and clear doubts or even slight queries as and when they arose. It was a wholesome experience in itself.”

Rhea Chawla
NUSRL Ranchi, GGSIPU, Symbiosis

"The experience at UILS was quite good. The institute provides you with the reading material which is to the point and very relevant for the entrances as well as for the brushing up of the general knowledge. The faculty is supportive and they do prepare you not just for law entrances or just for next 5 years at the law school, but for the whole legal career ahead. If you are striving for knowledge, UILS is the right place for you.”

Nitish Rai Parwani
NLUJAA Guwahati, GGSIPU, Christ, Bangalore, BHU

“My experience at UILS was quite good. Being from a science background I lacked legal and general knowledge which UILS provided me with. They made subjects like Logical Reasoning, which is dreaded by most students, fun and easy.”

Arushi Gupta
GGSIPU, Symbiosis , Amity, Noida, Panjab University

“My experience at UILS was simply amazing. UILS hasn’t just helped me crack the entrance but has also helped me in setting a mark for myself to build up my future. I am very much thankful to the faculty; it’s because of them that I have achieved something in my life.

Mani Dahiya
GGSIPU, Symbiosis

“The coaching at UILS was worth every bit. Not only did they provide us with exhaustive study material but also a great classroom experience. The faculty members were immensely supportive and went out of their way to clear our doubts, both inside and outside the class. Moreover, they prepared us not just for the law entrance exam but also taught us how to deal with competitive exams in general. And that for me has been the most important take away!”

Aimen Reshi
CLC, Delhi University

“Since I was a student of the crash course of UILS, I had to study the wide range of subjects in a very short span of time. Their specially designed notes for the crash course helped me to study ‘smartly’, focussing on the topics which are exactly exam centric. It proved to be a saviour for ‘General Studies and Current Affairs’, which forms a major part of the DU-LL.B. Exam, and is also very vast. Moreover, the extensive test module was a cherry on the top, which helped me to be prepared for the toughest possible situation.”

Arunima Bishnoi
CLC, Delhi University

“Apart from providing amazing guidance and stellar notes, UILS taught me the meaning of discipline and hard work. Both the qualities are a must for a future law student. The hands-on teaching experience exhibited by the teachers, and the thorough nature of the notes helped me crack the exams easily. It also helped to be surrounded by students harbouring the same aim and indirectly motivating you to reach your goal. Thank you, UILS! “

Radhika Roy
Delhi University

“The preparation structure at UILS is very smartly categorised, and puts emphasis on the important areas which gives a clear perspective into the preparation. Everything at UILS comes in handy, from material to classes.”

Onika Bishnoi
Delhi University

“The experience at UILS was amazing. The most important thing is the faculty who are experts in their fields and the preparation is very comprehensive. The study material is designed in such a way that it is indispensable. In all, the experience was a fruitful one.”

Parina Katyal
Delhi University

“The building up platform for any law aspirant is UILS. It provides you not only with the necessary information required to crack entrance but also shapes your thought process enabling you to handle the situations in real world with black coat perspective.”

Anmol Makkar
Delhi University

“It was a good experience with all the faculty members. The study material which UILS provides is too good for preparation; moreover classes were interactive and the test series helped me a lot.”

Rachna Maheshwari
BVP, Pune | Allahabad Law University

“Journey in UILS was great. It was not just cracking the entrance exam but it was indeed the best knowledge and experience.”

BVP Pune

“I successfully got admission in Symbiosis Law School, Pune in 3 year LL.B. course. I thank UILS for the hardwork they put in and helped me in getting my dream institution. I will be obliged throughout my life.”

Vidit Mehra
Symbiosis Law School

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